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Colewood was established in 1999. Those in the know will recognise that this was a full year before the initial launch of Google’s PPC advertising platform – AdWords. So we’ve been around for a while and have been making PPC successful for our clients since the very first day it began.

We are the PPC specialists. Our team of over 25 Google certified account managers are qualified across all of the core PPC functions; Search, Shopping and Display. Our team of highly trained staff are all backed up by in-house developed, sophisticated tools and software which help to keep our clients one step ahead of their competition; and of course, keeps us one step ahead of ours.

our approach

If you were to ask many PPC agencies how they could improve your campaigns you will likely be met with a barrage of PPC buzz words such as “improve your quality score”, “maximise your impression share” or “reduce your bounce rate”. Heard all of this before? We thought so. And of course the aforementioned are all genuine prerequisites to running a successful PPC campaign, however, our response would probably go something a little more like this…

We’re going to work tirelessly to understand your business and industry. We’re going to learn what makes you different, we are going to take your core messages and USP’s and place them in front of a targeted audience to connect them with your business.

We’re going to implement a bespoke PPC strategy based upon your goals and targets, adopting advanced optimisation techniques, custom attribution modelling and multi-channel reporting to show you the true value of your PPC visitors.

We’re going to assign a senior Google professional to your account to do all of this, and we're going to back them up with some of the most advanced tools on the market along with a team of qualified Google professionals.

transparency, communication & reporting

We understand the importance of keeping clear lines of communication and offering total transparency over what we are doing at all times. All of our clients have access to our unique time-line reporting dashboard, which offers real time updates as and when your team are working on your account; everything from changing a keyword bid to launching a new campaign is logged along with the actual hours worked on your account. We work hard for our clients and are proud to show you this.

Our clients enjoy a scheduled weekly, bi-weekly or monthly call with their senior account manager to discuss the previous period's performance and to outline the plans for the coming period. All of our staff are UK based and contactable on their direct dial as well as through our Fast Track task management system. Got a flash sale running that needs to be up and running immediately? Fast Track it!

We offer customised reporting covering the key metrics that are important to your business. The frequency in which we report is up to you, some of our clients like weekly reports, some prefer a monthly overview – the choice is yours.

We always work within your existing PPC account - no smoke, no mirrors. If we are creating a new account for you, it belongs to you. All of the work that we do for you is your intellectual property and you have direct access to your campaigns at all times.

our tools

Here at Colewood we are not just online marketers. We are also a team of experienced software developers who have created a number of advanced reporting, expansion and keyword monitoring tools which allow us to be efficient over tens of thousands of keywords. These tools enable us to work faster and more efficiently, alerting us to any potential issues within your campaigns quickly. Our tools also spot opportunities, allowing us to capitalise in areas that much of the competition has often missed.

Our tools and software engage directly with the AdWords API and allow us to make changes on mass, but also allow us to carry out small intricate optimisation functions. However, technology does not replace the good old fashion account management from your team, it supplements it. Our clients did not choose us solely because of our tools, they chose us for our people and experience that they bring; Colewood technology simply allows our staff to do what they do best – run targeted PPC campaigns that deliver.

free PPC consultation

No salesman, no gimmicks - Consultation with a Google Certified Professional.

We offer any advertiser spending over £500.00 per month on Google a totally Free Online Consultation whereby one of our senior PPC analysts will review your campaigns before presenting their findings to you in a live one-on-one online meeting.

We will not ask you for your username or password, we simply temporarily link your account to our secure My Client Centre (MCC) in order to analyse the data. We will carry out a live demonstration on your account, highlighting what you are doing well along with detailing where you may be falling short and potential areas for improvement.

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Pricing and Terms

We’re confident in what we do, low commitment 30 day rolling contracts

Monthly management fee only 10% of PPC spend*

No set up fees or cancellation charges**

*Subject to a minimum fee of £299 ex VAT per month.
**Setup fees may apply for new account creation.