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PPC management


We are an omni-channel digital agency, with a mix of creativity and technical expertise we enable our clients to maximise market share and profitability from their digital marketing campaigns.



We have a team of Qualified Google account managers here at Colewood House, we manage campaigns across all leading search platforms, our in house tools and collaborative account management process ensures we always offer the best possible service and results.


Conversion Rate Optimisation goes hand in hand with PPC Campaign Management, it is not unusual for us to make big gains within PPC (and all channels driving traffic to your website) by making the smallest changes to your landing pages.

Email Marketing

PPC is expensive, once you have spent money on winning a lovely new customer it is important that you take good care of them. Our email marketing campaigns allow you to stay in touch with clients and make them aware of the current products and offers currently available.

SEO Services

Our SEO team collaborate with our PPC guys to ensure that our clients campaigns are consistent and delivering results; all aspects of SEO from technical recommendations/changes to article marketing and social media are covered.

Communication & Reporting

It’s what we are good at

Colewood clients not only benefit from our in house PPC tools, but the desire of our team to stay in touch and develop a relationship.
The more we understand about your business, targets and competition the better we will be able to serve you and deliver results.
Scheduled calls, a fast track ticketing system, regular reports and a unique timeline system allows our clients to stay up to speed with what we are doing in real time.

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Why choose Colewood

Top Ranked UK PPC Agency (Google, Yahoo! and Bing)

All major search engines rank our website highly, putting us ahead of millions of our competitors in the process.

Digital Marketing Specialists since 1999

Colewood was incorporated to help businesses achieve success online before PPC even existed.

Over 50 UK Based Staff

Unlike many of our competitors our Graphic Designers, Programmers, CRO Specialists and SEO & PPC Account Managers work together under one roof at Colewood House in the UK.

Flexible pricing structure

We understand that businesses have different budgets and priorities, as such we offer 30 day rolling contracts or longer agreements at a discount.

Honesty & Transparency

We keep in touch via regular calls and offer all of our clients access to our timeline system that tracks the activity of account managers in real time.

Full omni-channel approach

We develop and optimise consistent campaigns across all of our channels; custom attribution modelling allows us to track ROI for each channel with maximum accuracy.


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