Monthly Archives: August 2018

How to Improve Sales Through PPC

Methods of advertising have changed dramatically over the years, as technology has progressed the way we interact with our target audiences has changed too. Advertising has adapted massively, and we no longer rely on a printing press or newspaper ads to get our message to the public. Instead, there are more modern marketing methods available…
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Why Technical SEO is Important

When you have a website, there’s several areas that need to be worked on to ensure that online visibility is at a maximum. After all, what’s the point in having a website that’s not being seen by users? It’s important for business owners to understand that there’s more to a website than what is shown…
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How to Get Found Online – A Small Fish in a Big Pond

In modern-day business, an online presence is essential to the overall growth of the company. Businesses who fail to acknowledge this are ultimately limiting how far they can go in their aim to expand. However, just because some businesses out there are still in the stone age, it doesn’t necessarily mean you are using Martian…
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Increase Your Online Visibility with PPC

It is undeniable that Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising is an outstanding method to significantly boost your online presence with almost immediate results. If you are not utilising PPC for your website, then you are literally throwing away your potential profits! Quality Traffic Once acquiring a new Google AdWords or Bing Ads, many newbies -…
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