Monthly Archives: September 2018

How to Write Marketing Copy That Converts

Many years ago, businesses went about marketing and advertising products and services very differently to how things are done today. There are various different factors that play into this. Some examples of which include: the trade descriptions act, the internet, and many, many more reasons which, over the years, have shaped marketing copy into what…
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How to Write Killer Press Releases that Get Published

Imagine people all over the country reading what you have to say. Not only will they be learning about you and your brand, but they’ll be getting educated about your products and services too. But what can make this happen? You may be thinking that it’s going to be impossible, but with a high-quality press…
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How to Create a Social Media Presence that Won’t be Forgotten

As a business, chances are that you already have a social media presence. You’ve no doubt read up on the benefits that social media brings, but how do you make sure that it’s working the way it should be? To ensure that your profiles are a cut above the rest, you need to have a…
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Top Tips for Keyword Research

No matter your experience with content, search engines, and the World Wide Web, keyword research is essential. To put it simply, your website won’t rank without it. Keyword research is the act of locating keywords and topics that relate to your website and user base. The right keywords result in the right audience, making a…
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