Monthly Archives: November 2018

How to Use Video on Social Media

Let’s say you follow someone on social media who has just started a business. They want you to buy their brilliant products, so they post a status: “Hey everyone! My products are brilliant, please visit my website and buy one.” Would you visit their website and buy one? Would you take them at their word…
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Why You Should Take Advantage of Directory Listings

Being found online and gaining the exposure you deserve is no easy feat. With the drastic change of the business landscape which came with the information age, businesses are now coming up with new ways of finding new customers, which quite literally did not exist a decade ago. However, one method of this has stood…
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The Best Times to Post on Social Media

Working on social media campaigns takes time and effort. But why put all that effort in if your posts and ads aren’t being seen? Taking advantage of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn is one of the best ways to grow your brand and obtain additional recognition. The tricky thing with knowing when to post on…
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