During the covid-19 lockdown, many businesses have fallen on hard times. Fewer people are visiting physical stores and some businesses have been forced to close. But in this bleak outlook on current circumstances, one often overlooked marketing service is now more useful than ever, and that service is email marketing. 

With more people staying at home, more people are likely to be looking through their emails. Compared to before the pandemic hit, people would have been at work or out and about in local areas enjoying their free time rather than being at home as much as possible to avoid the virus.

Here are a few tips that could help your business recover;

Adapt for the market

Although this may seem obvious, some companies struggle to adapt to the current market. Many businesses have sales on their products, services and memberships. In reality, people right now have less money than ever to play with as some have been furloughed or lost jobs throughout the pandemic. The key here is to adapt to the vast change in the market by cutting costs or altering prices. 

Although you may be losing out on some revenue in the short term, there are ways to potentially make up for it after things have started to return to normal.

Consider things such as dropping membership fees in exchange for email addresses to increase the chances of people signing up, then you have the email for future marketing purposes, there are many ways that a system like this can be implemented to increase the chances of you making back some of the revenue lost during this slow time.

Don’t disappear

One mistake a lot of businesses make in situations such as the one brought by the lockdown is completely cutting their marketing services to save money. Although these are hard times and businesses are struggling more than ever, it’s important to keep services running to some extent to make sure you don’t fall too far behind the competition when things eventually return to normal.

Use the downtime

While there is less custom coming to your business and people have more time on their hands, it’s always a great idea to look at current practices and systems to see where they can be improved. This is where email marketing tactics can be reviewed and refined to prepare for the end of the pandemic this can give you a great headstart over your competition.

Prepare for an uplift

When things eventually start to return to normal, consumers will start to resume their usual habits and a lot of businesses that might have cancelled their services or at least paused them will come flooding back to recover as much of the lost revenue as possible. There will be a huge surge of emails landing in peoples inboxes and this is where your new and improved email strategy developed in your downtime will enable you to bounce back stronger than ever.

So, if you’re looking for ways to retain your audience during this strange time, contact the Colewood email marketing team for bespoke, tailored email campaigns.