Toolstop PPC client Our main goal was to take advantage of their Brand. We needed to make sure that Toolstop were easy to find through Brand Terms. Once we gained the exposure (clicks increase YOY 100.76%), we needed to ensure these visitors where converting. Search Campaigns where used on First Click basis, we would then…
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Awareness, Research, Education, Transaction.

Understanding the different stages of your customer journey & buying cycle is imperative to facilitating and more importantly nurturing your customers through their journey. To begin with, you need to understand what your customer purchasing journey actually looks like and then most importantly how your business can engage and build relationships with potential customers, as…
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Broad Match Modifier – Explained

If you are new to AdWords or simply looking for ways to improve the performance of your campaigns, fully understanding the broad match modifier is important. The broad match modifier is one of five keyword match types available to you within Google AdWords, the others being; broad, phrase, exact and negative. One could argue that…
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Are your landing pages CUTE?

Just to be clear, we’re not talking about pictures of fluffy bunnies or teddy bears; we’re talking about four very basic rules to follow when creating landing pages. Not that we have anything against fluffy bunnies or teddy bears – you can see above that we actually have a few in the office to prove…
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