Recently Microsoft released their virtual partner summit PDF. The guide contains tips and tactics around account health, new opportunities, immediate strategies, and restoration strategies. This helps businesses adjust their strategies throughout this unexpected time.

Microsoft recommends that businesses prioritize smartly when focusing on account health. They should do this by focusing on efficiencies and sharpening their operational work. It is important for businesses to focus on their efficiencies which are more likely to drive users and value to the business. Therefore, if they were to sharpen their operational work it will then help them to prepare for the future. Microsoft also recommends to balance automation and manual checks. By doing this it allows businesses to be consistent throughout this time with the range of changes happening in the different industries.

What Are the Recommendations?

To help manage new opportunities, Microsoft have provided their recommendations for businesses that are seeing new or increased traffic. The first recommendation is to leverage the opportunities tab to identify any recommendations based on the account’s performance. It can also help to identify any suggestions to improve the account that the business owner may not have noticed.

Microsoft have also recommended to extend reach with Dynamic Search Ads (DSA). Dynamic Search Ads use a business’ content from their website to target their ads to help fill in the gaps in their keyword-based campaigns. The ad text for these campaigns is generated from the content on the website. DSA campaigns can help businesses save time and are a new opportunity to advertise to new markets faster than other alternatives.

Finally, the third recommendation from Microsoft regarding new opportunities is that businesses should shift their approach with audiences and product ads. Businesses should highlight products that align with the current situation; therefore, it is important to re-evaluate the products that businesses are currently advertising. It is important for businesses to ensure they continue to engage with their current audience to maintain a good relationship and service.

Improving Business Visibility

When businesses start to consider the immediate strategy, Microsoft believe that they should come up with smart actions for the current situation. The main theme being an improvement in overall visibility. Businesses should consider how they can stand out more with their advertising as it is important to get in front of their customers.

Another key theme Microsoft mentioned was that businesses should safeguard with Responsive Search Ads. When doing this they should ensure they do not highlight any sensitive situations. Microsoft also recommended for businesses to update their business data, this includes the hours the store is open, contact number and any changes in services should be updated and made clear to offer a user-friendly experience.

Road to Recovery

Microsoft recommend for businesses to plan for future opportunities with economic recovery scenarios now in preparation. The first key theme they discussed was to modify messaging. Businesses should make sure to check their current ad text to ensure the information is still relevant, empathetic and focuses on the offerings or opportunities from the business.

Microsoft think it is important for businesses keep their current campaigns live with a lower budget rather than turning them off as by turning the campaigns off it can negatively impact performance when they are re-enabled. It could also positively impact performance for businesses to adjust keywords, budget strategies and KPIs.