When looking to increase your backlink profile into your website it can seem like an easy option to find free sources of links and use this to boost your SEO. However for many of our clients these links have become a problem, so should all free link sources be disavowed?

What are free sources of links?

There are many free sources of links, an old SEO technique was to create a free blog then write a post and link back to your website. There are many free blogging resources available:


This technique is not advised at all if only creating blogs for the purposes of gaining links back to your website. This is classed as unnatural link building as the blogs are designed for users, they are simply there for search engines.

If this has been the case we encourage you to block these unnatural links using the disavow tools available from Google and Bing. 

Are all free blogs bad?

This needs to be judged on a case by case basis. There will be some genuine blogs by content creators that are trying to share their views and grow an audience which can likely remain in your backlinks.

However if a blog has been created solely for the purpose of providing links this can cause more harm than good when it comes to SEO.

How to identify a bad blog

  • Lots of advertising
  • Random blog posts that link to different websites
  • Redirects that take you to another website
  • Keyword rich anchor text links
  • Not user friendly
  • Excessive links in the sidebar

Below is an example of a bad link.

What can be done about bad incoming links?

If you see any domains in your backlink profile that have the ability to create a free website or blog you should visit each of these and try to determine which you want to block and which you want to keep.

Once you have a list of the domains you want to block these can be added to the Google and Bing disavow lists and you should start to see an improvement in visibility after cleaning up your backlink profile.

If you have too many incoming links to manage or would like help investigating your backlink profile to improve your SEO then contact the SEO team.