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Top Tips for Keyword Research

No matter your experience with content, search engines, and the World Wide Web, keyword research is essential. To put it simply, your website won’t rank without it. Keyword research is the act of locating keywords and topics that relate to your website and user base. The right keywords result in the right audience, making a…
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How to Get Found Online – A Small Fish in a Big Pond

In modern-day business, an online presence is essential to the overall growth of the company. Businesses who fail to acknowledge this are ultimately limiting how far they can go in their aim to expand. However, just because some businesses out there are still in the stone age, it doesn’t necessarily mean you are using Martian…
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Google’s August Algorithm Update and What it Means for You

Those that keep a careful eye on their organic Google rankings may have noticed some changes last week as Google rolled out a major algorithm update. Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs) have seen a lot of change since last week, with rankings showing as particularly volatile: What this means is that the Google algorithm has…
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Grammatically Correct Content and Why It’s Important

When it comes to writing content for your audience, you want to make sure that the work you’re producing is something that they’re actually wanting to see. Part of this includes having correct grammar so that the readability is to a high standard. This applies to any sort of content you produce as a company;…
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