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Why Colewood for email?

Our experts focus all their attention on our email marketing services to give you beautiful emails that not only look good but perform excellently as well. We will take into account your USP’s, any promotions, best-selling products and much more to deliver a consistent message across all marketing channels.

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Mobile optimised as standard

Mobile devices account for more than 50% of opened emails, so if your emails aren’t optimised you could be losing out on that all important revenue. All our bespoke templates are mobile optimised so you don’t lose out.

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Bespoke Design

We specialise in designing emails that fit seamlessly with your current branding ensuring the end user gets the best experience possible. All our emails are hand crafted to each client and come mobile optimised as standard.

If you already have emails that you send but are looking to refresh or update them we can look at that too.

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Device Testing

Using our in-house browser lab with various mobile, tablet and desktop devices we will thoroughly test each email to ensure its intended design is consistent across all devices. We also use Litmus, an industry leading testing platform, along side this.

Before an email is ready to deploy we will send tests out to you to check everything is how it should be.

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Using the top email service providers we will deploy your emails to your customer base for you. Using these service providers ensures that emails will not fall into spam folders, maximising your campaigns’ performance.

After we’ve sent a few campaigns for you we’ll analyse the data to find an optimal send time for maximum results for your next campaign.


The email journey doesn’t end when we hit the send button, it goes on for days, weeks and months. Each email will track opens and clicks as standard but we can provide more in-depth results using tools such as Google Analytics.

We will analyse the data coming in from your sent campaigns and suggest any changes that may be required to further optimise your future campaigns. We can also re-market to those who don’t interact with your campaign and even segment your subscribers into active users who are more inclined to engage.

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