Video content breathes new life into your business and is an exciting and effective way to engage with your audience. Using our YouTube ad service, you can make sure your video ads reach the right people, helping you achieve your business goals.

Why YouTube Ads?

With such a large reach, YouTube Ads gives you the opportunity to upload a range of video ad formats and really target the right audience for your brand. Offering you the choice of in-stream ads or video discovery ads, you can utilise the power of video and get your content in front of potential customers with something that really captures their attention.

How to Use It

Create and upload a range of video ad formats to engage customers on YouTube and video partner sites. Get your ads playing before, during or after other videos, or show your ads playing next to other relevant videos, where you'll find potential customers that are most likely to be interested in your products or services.

Take Control

Just like Google Display, you can take control of your targeting, with the same versatile targeting features right at your fingertips. Here at Colewood, we help you choose target demographics, audiences lists and even which YouTube channels you want your videos shown on. We also analyse analytical data for your video, giving you tailored advice and insight into what works for your business.

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