Ensuring your website is readable and indexable by search engines should be the top priority. Without this, your website is likely to underperform, seemingly without reason. Our technical SEO services can help find and fix these issues allowing your website to shoot up the organic search rankings.

Why technical SEO?

While your website may look good to users, how do you know if your website is search engine friendly? Using various tools and a wealth of SEO knowledge, we can see how Google and other search engines view your website. Giving you an edge over your competitors as you can give search engine crawlers all the information they need to rank your website highly.

Find issues you didn’t know existed

Included in all SEO packages we fully audit your website including all technical elements that would affect your SEO. This helps identify issues that could be holding back your SEO, if you are experiencing a lack of performance this could be why. This process can find issues that other agencies miss and when corrected lead to excellent results.

Tackle duplicate content

Duplicate content is a term often used in SEO but having the same information in more that one place isn’t always a bad thing for users. The most important thing is that search engines understand the duplicate content and do not penalise you for it. We scrutinise your web presence for duplicate content, canonical, syntax, speed and markup issues that could be fixed to improve your SEO performance.

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