Optimising your adverts

For Facebook ads to best benefit your business, they must be well researched and targeted correctly. With Colewood's Facebook advertising services, we take the time to look into the behaviour of your potential audience to decide the best location and interest targeting for results; as well as writing enticing copy to encourage more interaction.

Spend what
you like

Our social media package pricing puts you in control. Colewood doesn’t include ad spend, this means that you can decide how much or how little you want to spend on your adverts. This being said, if you would like advice on ad spend, we are happy to provide help on this.

Increasing brand awareness

Due to the reach and popularity of Facebook, there is the possibility to reach thousands of people with a relatively small spend; meaning that improving brand awareness on this platform doesn’t have to break the bank. Through promoting your brand on Facebook, you could see results not only in your online sales, but also your revenue offline.

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