Reach Interested Users

You’re not just targeting anyone with this service. You’re reaching those that may have wanted to purchase your products, but couldn’t at the time. For example, a user may have added something to their cart, but left it due to insufficient funds. We can reach these people with an advert on payday week, significantly increasing the chance of conversion.

Boost Your PPC Service

Facebook Retargeting is extremely complementary to our [PPC services]. Having adverts on Google and Facebook creates a pincer-like approach to marketing. Users will see your PPC adverts on Google and then travel to their favourite social network, where they’ll view more adverts as they browse their Facebook Feed. It’s a match made in heaven.

Manage Your Budget

Don’t want to run as many Facebook Retargeting adverts this month? No problem! You pay a flat fee to Colewood each month and decide on the advertising spend yourself. You’re in complete control of your advertising spend, and we’re happy to advise and guide you throughout your services with us. It’s easy peasy.

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